Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer for this as each situation is different. A few factors can generally determine how long the process can take. They are discussed below, along with some tips on what speeds up or slows down the process.

If an investor is already present in the US, the average time is about five months, depending on the application’s caseload and time of year. If the investor is outside the US, the average timeline is about two weeks to a few months. There is, in some cases, an option to fast-track the processing time at a premium price.

What Are Some Things I Can Do to Speed Up the Process?

A lot of planning goes into the application process for an E-2 Visa. This can mean adequately preparing for the move, determining which of your family members or employees will be joining you, and working out a timeline that is best for everyone.

You can also put a lot of time into building a thorough immigration business plan. Things like providing evidence of market analysis, proof of your specialized skillset and what your role will be in the company, a projected marketing budget, specific roles of all employees and their income requirements, and more. Having as much thorough information ahead of time can save a considerable amount of time in the application process. Your attorney can work with you to create a specific list of items that would be most beneficial to you, and you can work on gathering this evidence before applying.

What Are Some Things That Can Delay the Process?

You can take steps on your own to ensure you qualify for an E-2 visa. You can confirm that you are a resident of one of the treaty countries, or that you are in a supervisory/executive or ownership role within your company and are an essential employee that isn’t easily replaced. You must also be able to pass a criminal background check and be otherwise eligible for general admission into the US.

You can begin to gather the various documents that are necessary to supplement your application. These can include a complete list of current and expired passports, approved passport-sized photos, a copy of your resume and other credentials, a health check statement, and more.

Having gathered these will help to save you time in the future, and most of them can be sent electronically to your attorney so they can begin to assemble your file along with your business plan.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Navigating a visa process can be overwhelming even for the most novice researcher. Investing a significant amount of money into a business is a huge undertaking, even without moving your family to another country. You can ensure peace of mind by hiring an immigration attorney with your best interest at heart. They can also save you time and money in the long run by guiding you through the process so that it is done as efficiently as possible. Contact me today at 407-499-5680, and let’s work together to get your E-2 visa process started so you can begin to plan for your new life.