It is surprisingly common for individuals to choose to file bankruptcy. Although it can be challenging to conclude, it doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world. Filing can offer a fresh start, a path to a better future for you and your family. It is not uncommon to take advantage of the bankruptcy options available to you. You are not alone in feeling like it may be a good option for you.

How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect My Life?

Filing for bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for seven to ten years. However, this doesn’t mean that it will affect every choice moving forward. Depending on surrounding details, some creditors, banks, and even landlords will overlook the bankruptcy. This can mean you are still eligible for certain loans, credit cards, and rent a home or apartment.

How Can I Rent an Apartment After Filing Bankruptcy?

There are several factors that a landlord may consider when reviewing your application and noticing that you have a recent bankruptcy on file. Some landlords can see this as a good thing, as you have relieved yourself from considerable debt and therefore have more disposable income to attribute to your rent. If you have steady employment and an overall improved credit standing since you filed, this can be enough for them to overlook the bankruptcy and approve your application.

Finding a private landlord rather than an agency can be in your best interest. An agency will have more rules and guidelines to follow, and they may not be able to overlook a recent bankruptcy, even if you surpass all other qualifications.

You can provide thorough evidence of your income and offer to pay a higher deposit or a few months of rent upfront in good faith that you can handle the financial obligations of rent.

It is also beneficial to provide proof of consistent employment. You can give recent reviews of your job performance or letters of recommendation from your past or current employers to achieve this as well.

You can get references or find a cosigner. This can provide supporting evidence showing that you have others willing to back you should you need assistance now or throughout your lease.

You can provide details showing why filing bankruptcy was a responsible choice for you and your family. Maybe you endured a significant illness or an unexpected event that brought on financial hardship; for example, bankruptcy was the best and most reliable option for moving forward.

There are several ways to boost your efforts in finding an apartment after bankruptcy. In most cases, you will find that if you provide some additional details and evidence, you can continue your life nearly as before you filed.

How Can an Attorney Help?

An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you with the bankruptcy process and the steps you take to move forward with your life. They can offer invaluable insight and guidance on renting, restoring your credit, and post-bankruptcy. Call my office at 407-499-5680 to answer any specific questions and learn how I can best assist you.