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How to Become A United States Citizen?

A lawful permanent resident may apply to become a naturalized U.S. citizen after meeting all requirements established by law after residing in the United States for some time. In some cases, the naturalization process has caught some applicants with a notice of deportation hearing instead of an appointment for citizenship.

The decision to apply for naturalization should be taken seriously. While it brings new rights and privileges, it also carries the risk of losing your legal permanent residence status. This could lead to deportation and expulsion from the United States. It’s crucial to understand these potential consequences and seek professional advice to navigate the process.

If you have a complicated immigration history, it’s advisable to consult a citizenship and naturalization lawyer in Miami before applying. They can help you understand how these factors might affect your application.

Becoming a United States citizen is a transformative journey that comes with many benefits. It grants you the right to live and work permanently in the United States, vote, and hold certain government positions. It’s not just a legal status but a new chapter in your life filled with opportunities and possibilities.

Why hire a Citizenship and Naturalization Lawyer?

Applying for citizenship involves more than just filing the N-400 form. A citizenship and naturalization lawyer can guide you through the process, ensuring you meet the requirements and avoid potential pitfalls. Their expertise can significantly increase your chances of a successful application.

At One People Law, our citizenship lawyers in Miami are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the citizenship and naturalization processes with ease.


Citizenship and Naturalization Lawyer

One of the greatest privileges that comes with U.S. citizenship is the ability to register to vote. Other privileges include the ability to travel for long periods and the ability to petition parents, siblings, and married children. Freedom to express yourself. Freedom of religion. Right to a fair and prompt trial by jury. Right to vote in elections for public officials. Right to apply for federal employment that requires US citizenship. Right to run for elected office. Freedom to pursue “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our citizenship lawyers in Hialeah at One People Law can help make your dream of becoming a US citizen a reality.

Naturalization requires more than just submitting the appropriate paperwork. Our citizenship and naturalization attorneys must review your case to identify any potential blocks. Minor crimes or extended absences from the U.S. These are the problems that need to be carefully addressed by you or your attorney. Some areas that need careful consideration are:

  • Continuous residence
  • Good moral character
  • Know when and if you should apply

Once you become a naturalized citizen, you still risk revocation. This is another reason to hire our experienced citizenship and naturalization lawyers in Miami Gardens to assist you. Depending on your situation, revoking your naturalization may lead the government to begin deportation proceedings against you. An experienced attorney can help you follow the path that will lead you to the oath ceremony.

What are the Requirements for Naturalization?

To be eligible for naturalization, need to fulfill some requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old. 
  • You must have been a permanent resident of the US for the last five years. 
  • You have resided in the district where you are applying for at least three months. 
  • You continuously lived in the US since becoming a lawful permanent resident. 
  • Been physically present in the US for half the time during the last five years.
  • Registered for the Selective Service between the ages of 18 and 26 if required, 

Not be ineligible by law for U.S. citizenship through naturalization due to lack of good moral character or other mandatory disqualifications. Having the help of our citizenship and naturalization lawyers in Hialeah is essential to know if you meet these requirements.  

You can apply for naturalization as a permanent resident if you:

  • Have served in the United States Armed Forces during hostilities and have been honorably discharged.
  • Have served or are serving in the US Armed Forces for at least one year and have been honorably discharged. You must apply during your service or within six months of separation.
  • Perform ministerial or priestly functions for a religious denomination or an Interdenominational organization with a valid presence in the US.
  • You are an employee or individual hired by the US government.
  • You are an employee of a recognized US research institution 
  • You are the spouse of one of the persons listed above and will follow your spouse abroad.

Under these circumstances, the USCIS may waive or make less stringent the physical presence, continuous residence, and good moral character requirements. It is essential to have a citizenship and naturalization lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to help you on your way.

Citizenship and Naturalization Process

You must file the N-400 application form with the US Citizen Immigration System (USCIS). Once the application is accepted, your biometric data will be taken so that a background check can be performed. After the background check has been completed, the applicant will receive an appointment to attend an interview at their local immigration office. 

As an applicant, you will have to disclose your legal history, including criminal matters. Such cases can work against you if you are not able to clearly demonstrate that you have resolved them.

Even if you meet all eligibility requirements to complete the citizenship process, a USCIS officer has the discretion to deny your application. Experienced citizenship lawyers in Fort Lauderdale can help you present your case in a way that gives you a better chance of success.

The applicant must take an English test to verify that the interested citizen can read, write, and speak English. This is in addition to a civics test (unless he or she qualifies for the Medical Disability Exception).

Finally, after passing the English and Civics tests, the applicant must take the oath to complete the citizenship process.

All applicants will take an oath that incorporates the substance of the following:

  • Support the Constitution;
  • Absolutely  renounce all allegiance to other countries or their governments of whom the applicant was before a citizen;
  • Support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all enemies, domestic and foreign;
  • Have true faith and loyalty to the same, and
  • Carry arms on behalf of the United States when required by law; either
  • Perform non-combatant service in the United States Armed Forces when required by law, either
  • Perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by law.

Hiring a Citizenship and Naturalization Lawyer: Beyond an Application Process

Regardless of the reason you want to become an American citizen, there are some common problems that you need to keep in mind before or during the application process. Of course, you can understand and even avoid some of these problems by having a citizenship lawyer in Opa Locka on your side.

If you are seeking naturalization, it is essential to be patient. Keep in mind that the average time it takes for a person to be naturalized has doubled in the last 24 months. Currently, you may have to wait about eight months for USCIS to process your N-400.

Once USCIS has processed your application, you may receive a request for evidence (commonly known as an “RFE”). USCIS will issue an RFE if they need more information before deciding if you are eligible for naturalization.

An experienced citizenship and naturalization lawyer in Opa Locka can help you respond to the RFE in a way that gives you the best chance of becoming a citizen. It is essential to know that RFEs have stringent deadlines. If you do not respond to an RFE by the deadline, USCIS will deny your application. Suppose you apply for citizenship without an attorney, and you receive an RFE. In that case, you should hire an attorney immediately to give the attorney time to prepare and submit a correct response.

The entire naturalization process involves a number of steps, and you may have to wait up to 17 months before you take the oath, depending on a number of factors. These include the following:

  • The number of cases USCIS is currently handling
  • Your residence or the specific USCIS office where you applied. Your naturalization process may be shorter if your USCIS field office processes applications quickly.
  • Whether you filled out the correct information on your N-400 and whether you submitted it correctly

Please remember that wait times have doubled due to strict screening requirements.

Why Choose One People Law Group for Your Naturalization Process

At One People Law, our experienced citizenship lawyers in Miami Gardens are here to guide you through the citizenship process. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • Expertise in immigration law
  • Personalized approach
  • Attention to detail
  • Timely communication
  • Proven track record

Don’t navigate the naturalization process alone. Schedule a case evaluation with us today, and let us help you achieve U.S. citizenship.

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