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Foreign nationals accused of committing a criminal offense face serious immigration consequences. This requires the assistance of a Criminal Defense Immigration Lawyer in Miami. Our lawyers are specialized in dealing in immigration law and criminal defense defend.

As a legal permanent resident or noncitizen facing criminal accusations, it’s crucial to seek the guidance of a legal team with a deep understanding of the immigration system. This is particularly important if you have a criminal record. One People Law, with its team of experienced Criminal Defense Immigration Lawyers, is a resource that can assist you with criminal immigration law matters, providing you with the reassurance you need in these challenging times.

Criminal Immigration Lawyer: Two Attorneys in One

Criminal law and immigration law are two distinct areas of law that often overlap, requiring law firms that practice both. This is the main reason for going to our Crimes & Immigration Lawyers in Miami.

Criminal lawyers, also called defense lawyers or defense counselors, defend people who have been accused of committing a crime. They ensure access to justice, comprehensive legal assistance, and the defense of people’s rights through the provision of a lawyer. Their main functions are to defend people accused in criminal cases when required and carry out the necessary investigative measures.

Criminal Immigration Lawyer

On the other hand, an immigration attorney represents clients in the United States who are seeking to live and work there. Immigration law is a broader term that includes many areas, such as naturalization, deportation, asylum, spousal sponsorship, family reunification, etc. Criminal law refers to the set of laws that regulate conduct that is not explicitly prohibited by the civil code.

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is the primary law that regulates who can enter, live, or work in the United States. It establishes two types of visas: immigrant visas for those who intend to live permanently in the U.S. and nonimmigrant visas for those who are visiting.

The INA, the primary law governing U.S. immigration, intersects with criminal law in a significant way. It deems certain criminal offenses as grounds for inadmissibility for U.S. citizenship or permanent residence. In some cases, these offenses can lead to removal proceedings, commonly known as deportation.

What is Illegal Immigration?

As Criminal Defense Immigration Lawyers in Hialeah, we explain that “crimmigration” is the intersection between criminal law and immigration law. Since this term is not often used, you may wonder what it means.

Crimmigration affects both undocumented and documented immigrants.

1) A person can enter the country illegally and commit a crime or,

2) A person can be in the country legally and commit a crime.

Whether you are an undocumented or documented immigrant, a criminal charge can have severe implications on your ability to enter or remain in the United States legally. This underscores the importance of seeking professional legal assistance to navigate the complex landscape of criminal immigration law.

Undocumented immigrants are more likely to be afraid to contact any law enforcement officer. This fear often leads them to avoid reporting crimes committed against them or their property. However, at One People Law, we firmly believe that not having documents does not mean having no rights. We are here to empower you and ensure that your rights are protected, regardless of your immigration status.

To obtain a green card or permanent residence, immigration authorities must conduct a green card criminal background check. This process examines the potential permanent resident’s history to see if they have a criminal record. Even if a prior case has been resolved, the consequences of criminal charges can have detrimental effects on someone seeking residency.

What to look for in a Criminal Immigration lawyer?

With so many law firms, finding the best Crimes & Immigration Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for your case is not always easy. If you need a good lawyer, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you need from an immigration lawyer?
  • What are your qualifications and experience?
  • What is your fee structure?
  • How will you communicate (by phone, email, etc.), and how often?
  • Will you be my only contact, or will there be other members of the legal team I can speak to?
  • Do you provide legal representation from start to finish or just part of it?
  • Do you have testimonials from previous clients available online?

There are many immigration attorneys in the state of Florida. But if you are facing charges of deportation crimes, you require a Criminal Defense Immigration lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. One People Law is the best legal team to help you.

Why hire Criminal Immigration Lawyers?

So why hire a Criminal Defense Immigration attorney? Immigration law is a complex legal area that requires specialized knowledge. Criminal defense attorneys are often not equipped to handle immigration cases and vice versa. A Criminal Defense Immigration Lawyer brings a unique blend of expertise to navigate the intersection of criminal and immigration law.

To improve your chance of a favorable outcome to your criminal charges, you want a defense team to evaluate your case. The right law firm, like; One People Law, can represent you in court to help reduce or avoid the immigration consequences of criminal convictions, giving you hope for a better future.

You may be wondering, how much does it cost to hire a Criminal Defense Immigration Lawyer in Miami Gardens? The average fee for a criminal immigration attorney depends on the attorney’s experience and the complexity and location of your case.

Criminal and immigration laws are not all the same, and attorneys are not one-size-fits-all. Many factors go into choosing the right attorney for you. Contact One People Law to schedule your initial consultation.

When choosing the right Crimes & Immigration Lawyer in Miami Gardens, you want an attorney with experience in criminal cases similar to yours. Any crime is potentially devastating to your immigration efforts, but some of the most common crimes include the following:

Aggravated crimes
Domestic violence
Petty theft
Possession or trafficking of a controlled substance
Possession or use of destructive devices
Re-entry after being banned
Sexual abuse
Tax evasion

Pleading guilty to crimes of moral turpitude has more severe consequences for a non-citizen than for a U.S. citizen. Having a good moral character for naturalization is one of the aspects that an aspiring immigrant must prove. It is essential that a person accused of a crime hire the services of a reputable Criminal Defense Immigration Lawyer in Opa Locka to represent him or her. Otherwise, you may face removal proceedings or loss of immigration benefits, as well as the consequences of a criminal conviction.

Work with Our Reputable Immigration Attorney

How Can a Crime and Immigration Lawyer in Opa Locka Help? With experience in multiple technical areas, a criminal immigration attorney can offer information, advice, and advocacy when facing criminal charges. It might reduce their charges and minimize the negative impact of the criminal charge on their immigration status.

The right law firm will develop a solid attorney-client relationship with you. This will help you get through the process with less stress and more confidence. Contact One People Law today.

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